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Dr. Rachel Goodman
Dr. Rachel Goodman
Memory wellness

About Dr. Rachel Goodman

With every client I meet, I believe that we must work together as partners in therapy in order to achieve success. I will help you to define your goals for treatment and work together with you closely to meet your needs, ensuring that you feel safe in the process. We will explore how you view the world and evaluate if you would benefit from adjusting your ways of thinking. This process consists of learning strategies to improve your life situation when needed, and I will be there to cheer you on in both your successes and failures as they are both necessary at times to achieve change. In assessment, a variety of information is collected from you and possibly your significant others in order to help determine the nature of what has been troubling you. You will undergo an array of tests, as well, to provide further information needed for diagnosis and treatment planning. Still, you will be an important partner in this experience and I will always be forthcoming and explain the process fully to you.