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 My wife has Alzheimer’s Disease and I was suffering from care-giver stress, anxiety, and a bit of depression. I couldn’t concentrate on my work. So I decided to seek help from a psychotherapist. I chose Dr. Goodman because of her knowledge and experience in geriatrics, particularly with dementia. I came to her with goals I wanted to achieve and we collaborated to achieve them. She is a good listener, empathetic, and able to see the world from my perspective. She suggested coping strategies that I would be comfortable with. We stopped after only six weekly meetings. I had made progress and I continued to progress in the following months. A year later, I saw her again for a different but related problem. Once again, we made progress together.  



 About 7 years ago I went through cancer treatments that affected not only my physical being but also my mental state of mind. I sought psychological help naturally, but before finding Dr. Goodman, I went through 3 other psychologists. Dr. Goodman was the right doctor for me. Not only was she professional but she understood me from a spiritual side as well. Her methods in cognitive behaviour therapy helped me regain strength to “re enter” life after having been pulled into a world of chaos. Dr Goodman has a straight forward approach that I welcome. She is there for you anytime you need her; she has even checked up on me which was kind and appreciated. She helped me overcome what I thought was an insurmountable trauma. I liked her methods so much that once I returned to work I had her come to do a presentation to our executive team on mindfulness. If there is one thing I learned from Dr. Goodman that continues to help me when dealing with stressful situations is that you cannot control anything but your mind and your thoughts. Live in the moment. I recommend Dr. Goodman to anyone who wants to deal with a empathetic and professional Doctor.  


Anonymous (57 year old female)

 Dr. Goodman was referred to me to help with issues of anxiety and depression and I am so grateful that I walked into her office. From our first session, Dr. Goodman has offered a safe place to talk – she strikes the perfect balance of kindness and compassion, all the while encouraging me to challenge the negative thoughts in order to move past them. Every time I sit down in her chair, I immediately feel better. Dr. Goodman is caring and professional and has helped me tremendously.  


Anonymous (34 year old female)